Lose Belly Fat Now! How to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast for Woman and Men. Ideal Shake ( My review)

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Ideal Shake is a meal replacement shake with

an ingredient called slendesta, a potato protein extract,

that suppresses hunger.

It’s 100 calories.

Ideal Boost is a 5 calorie packet of water flavoring, also contains slendesta…Lose belly fat

Why Ideal shake and Ideal Boost are so effective to…

Lose Belly Fat!

A little back story…

I’m Sylvia, 33, I am a stay at home mom.

After giving birth to my son I had 40lbs to lose, and I was trying everything. I was so depressed and scared.
Fat Burning Foods

I kept a weight loss journal, tried different things and tracked results…….

My metabolism slowed after having my baby, and I had an extra 40lbs from the pregnancy.

People were telling me to live with it, ” You’re a mom now.” They said….

I just could not accept that.

I was trying to figure out……… how to burn fat and lose weight fast for women that have had babies.

Losing weight for women

  • I frantically searched the internet,
  • watched a ton of Youtube videos
  • tried teas ( black, white, green, and the ballerina one)
  • exercise, high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, Vegan diets
  • sweat suits
  • did tons of worrying
  • slim fast

I took a chance and tried Ideal Shake and Ideal Boost. I am so relieved that I did.

I was able to exceed my weight loss goal and actually became a little underweight.Lose Belly Fat

You might think that’s unhealthy, but I am being real with you.

If you are overweight and feeling the psychological pain of not looking your best and not being the greatest version of your self, then you can end your suffering now….

The fat blasting ingredients include…

  • Slendesta – appetite suppressant that keeps you full for 3 hours
  • Green Tea– aids in fat reduction
  • Caffeine: fat burning and increase energy
  • Raspberry ketone: fat burner
  • B vitamins– support metabolic functions and boosts mood
  • Green Coffee Bean– weight reducing effect, helps blood health

I have tried of few of those ingredients by themselves in the past and not had the results I had with Idealshape.

I think together they just work better.

Achieve your ideal weight with this product.

You don’t have to be the fat person anymore.

Lose belly fat, and drop weight with out exercise….

If you don’t have time to work out… no worries. No exercise needed.

It helps of course, but if you can’t it’s ok.

I personally love looking like a skinny twig. I was over weight as a child, and I think I over compensate a bit.

I also like to be extra thin because I was a ballet dancer in my teens.

Idealshake takes the stress, pain, worry and struggle out of weight loss……


I think the secret is the potato protein extract that sustains you and blocks hunger.

I just know it works, and even though I lost the weight. I still drink it to stay gorgeous…..

on an as needed basis.

Achieve skinny super model status if you want, or just fit into those jeans.

End the pain now!

Being skinny is not over rated……

It feels wonderful, and every other problem in your life is going to feel smaller …..

and more manageable when you are smoking hot, at your ideal size and weight.

I know this from experience.

Chocolate is the best flavor! I tried to Chocolate peanut butter and IT’S GROSS in my opinion. Chocolate all the way.

Fat burning foods

The pounds fall off, you feel full, and the Idealboost along with the Idealshake have the appetite suppressant.

Fat burning foods Ideal shake

These two together are serious fat burning foods.

Get IdealBoost with the IdealShake.


I recommend them together. Have the shake for a meal and then if you get a craving between meals, drink the Boost.

They both have the 3 hour appetite suppressant.

Save up if you have to. Buy them one at a time but get them both.

It is worth it!

You will use the product for the rest of your life…..

On an as needed basis, Once you see how awesome it works.

I think the worst part about being over weight was not knowing…

  1. If I could lose the weight
  2. How  I was going to lose the weight

I was obsessively worried, and scared…..

Ideal shake was the answer to both my questions.

The Duo ( Idealshake with IdealBoost) is the fat blasting destroyer.


You will never again have to suffer fear and uncertainty of how to lose those unwanted pounds.

Whether you’re a mom, body builder, movie star, or just want to look like one…..

We all deserve to look our best with out obsessing, starving or having an eating disorder.

Few things in life are this good, and this easy.

Where can you get the IdealShake? Click here on the link below.

==> http://amzn.to/2wxfcvX

Click below for the IdealBoost energy.

==> http://amzn.to/2ex2Zhd

Click here to get the Idealshake and Idealboost combo!


I have done years of research to lose weight. I did the work for you!  Have fun!!!

People normally gain about 5lbs around the holidays. You will not have to worry about that anymore…fat burning foods

When you reach your goal you can have a good time around the holidays

then just get back on the regimen when you need to.

I wish I could click the button and lose the weight for you

but only you can muster up the courage to click and try this amazing gift.

Idealshake is the gift that keeps on giving.

Idealshake will alway be there for you.

Here are pictures of more success stories….

there are tons but I just put a few….

What I really like about the testimonies is that the people really achieve their Ideal weight…

Hence the name….IdealshakeLose weight fast for womenLose Belly Fat

Fat Burning Foods


Ideal Shape

Where can you get the IdealShake? Click here on the link below.

==> http://amzn.to/2wxfcvX

Click below for the IdealBoost energy.

==> http://amzn.to/2ex2Zhd

Click here to get the Idealshake and Idealboost combo!


Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic rest of your life!